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About Us

EACON, the European Affairs Consulting Group, is a public affairs and government relations consultancy firm specialising in European Affairs. Since our foundation in 2003, we help companies, associations, NGOs and public sector bodies to understand political developments and represent their interests in legislative processes.


EACON is also an EU knowledge provider.. Our European information projects make sure general and specialised audiences are informed about latest EU policy and legislative developments.


EACON has invaluable institutional knowledge from experience dealing with European and national parliaments, authorities and administrations. We have used this expertise successfully for the benefit of our clients over the years.


EACON’s team of experts provides solutions for complex issues around European Union policies to our clients who come from both inside and outside Europe and represent a broad range of sectors.
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Strategy Consulting

Successful political communication does not function without strategic planning. Strategy consulting provides an analysis of the relevant framework conditions, players and vested interests within a political arena. It delivers impact focused plans to solve problems and find suitable solutions for the long term.

EU Advocacy

European Union legislation influences the lives of European citizens and businesses every day. To make sure their voices are heard in political and legislative processes, professional and ethical representation of interests is of fundamental importance. At eacon, we support organisations in their interaction with policy makers in Brussels and across Europe.

EU Representation

Influence requires presence and visibility. To make sure organisations and companies without permanent office in Brussels can have a say in European legislative debates and are credible counterparts for policymakers, eacon offers various options for office representation in Brussels and other EU capitals. From our offices in the heart of Brussels’ ‘European quarter’ EU institutions and stakeholders alike are in immediate reach.

Digital Public Affairs

As economies and society digitalise, public affairs evolve as well. Digital Public Affairs allow to add a new dimension, using data and artificial intelligence, tracking political communication flows and reaching out via new channels to political audiences. Integration of traditional and digital advocacy increases success and impact.

Monitoring & EU Information

Monitoring is the continuous observation and research of developments, decisions, topics and programmes that are relevant for an organisation. This includes providing and processing information and documents, as well as identifying communication channels and organisational structures. Tracking relevant discussions through early-warning systems allows to increase a stakeholder’s influence on political outcomes.

Our EU information practice helps European institutions to disseminate information about EU policies and legislation to target groups across the continent.

Studies and Analysis

Credible positioning and informed decision-making require deep knowledge. Our research teams provide political, legal and socioeconomic analysis and studies according to highest standards, enabling our clients to rely on a wide range of data and latest insights.

Funding & Tenders

European Union funding is an important source of revenue for many sectors. Our funding experts provide orientation in a vast funding landscape and identify the appropriate programmes and tenders for our clients. Our experts


Politics are based on networks. In a complex multinational and multilingual stakeholder landscape, our teams make sure your organisation becomes part of the game. Networking advice makes sure you connect to the right people in the right moment.

Training and Coaching

eacon has acquired reputation in training and coaching people and teams for their roles in European Affairs. Tailor-made training programmes enable organisations to deal with European issues. Individual coachings allow C-level decision-makers to represent their organisation’s interests effectively in Brussels.

Event Management

European Union funding is an important source of revenue for many sectors. Our funding experts provide orientation in a vast funding landscape and identify the appropriate programmes and tenders for our clients. Our experts furthermore help organisations to find partners, submit applications and advocate for new funding priorities.

Association Management

Associations need to be managed professionally to deliver on members’ expectations and become credible players in political debates. eacon makes sure organisations function efficiently and create value, both internally and externally.

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